Psst… Shh

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I am now in class and we are going to do our test

And we are to pick 1 film and we’re watching the secret heaven.

And tell you what, IT SUCKS! I mean the title does not even link to the title.

It’s sp crappy until I almost puke. I mean seriously, I almost Puke!

Oh well, guess I will just watch.

Later People.


The Morning

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I am up late cause of all these work i have to rush.

Somehow work just keep piling up. Oh well, after this week it should quiet down.

Fortunately I can keep up with the pace. I think.

Anyway, I currently doing this storytelling draft and I’m going to brainstorm through the night and it’s getting late. 

Good night peeps, or rather good morning.


The Dreadful Journal!

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Leslie yer scaring me [laugh]

I just read the requirements for journal assignment on storytelling and boy, i am missing quite a few things.

I mean this really isn’t much of a blog if I focus my presentation for this journal than the way i present this blog on my personal feelings.

Oh well this blog never was meant to be that way huh. I hate blogs anyway, kinda waste of time really.

I mean we should really stop complaining about life or whatever shit happens to us. Everyone experience crap in their life. AND we are living in singapore, i mean hello? How bad can you be in this nice country. I watched a documentary a few days ago, and people are living in the middle of a working railway track! Tell me, did you complain in whether your utensils are dirty? People washes their plates with mud!

So remember don’t ever complain about anything cause people are living in a shittier environment than you are!

Well that’s all for today. 

Homework – root of stress

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this week has hella lots of work and its killing me.

what’s more, now i am stuck with the friggin journal one.

I realize i gota post so i am taking a short break now.

I bet everyone really stressed out too. It’s my first time i have to work in the weekends…. sigh.

Oh well, i better be cracking on my work now.

Later people!

Its da 2nd week

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Its my 2nd week in np and I somehow seem to know all my classmates for like months.

All of us bonded really well even Aan and Carvey just likes to loiter away (Laugh)

I never liked the classroom that I had my first lesson in. Its kinda… non-atmospheric. It does not seem to have the learning attitude there. Boy, am I glad Leslie changed the classroom. Thanks Leslie! (Laugh)

We  learned the elements of dialogue, how characters speak that create bonds among other characters.

I really liked the exercise Leslie gave us. We had to write a small dialogue between a Man and a Woman.

The man went drinking while the woman cook dinner for him that was ruined. We continue from there.

Then we acted out the dialogue picked by Leslie. Somehow everybody sounded… well normal.

Come on guys put some feelings into it eh. But never mind. I dont really care. 

Well thats it for today post. And I am coming down on a fever urg.

On Mon we watch V for Verdentta. Cant Wait!


The Carvey Story

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Carvey walks into a graveyard wearing nothing but a hula skirt. Nine others follows him in single file. Each of them carries a torch chanting a single word.


They walk with a snail like pace and each of them stops in front of a grave kneeling down. They stick the torch into the ground and spills blood red liquid on the top of each grave, continuing their ritual word.


All ten of them got up and walk back across the street in the same single line, snail like pace. Then face towards another group of men.

One of them called out: “Have you done it with the hula skirts?”

Carvey replied, “It is done, we have finished our ritual.”

One of the nine who was with Carvey suddenly jumped and said, “Damn! That was ridiculous, now that we done it, give us our free meal!”

Blogging Huh!

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I don’t even fancy blogging at all but since this cost marks, oh well. (Laugh)

Well today lesson was storytelling, and no, its not reading a book too some brainless kindergarden students.

Its all about how to lie. I mean, its about the different ways of telling a story.

Passive voice vs. active voice

Passive voice

-Weak verbs

-Tells what the character thinks in his mind

-Distance between writer and character

Active Voice

-Shows Strong action verbs

-immediate sentence structure

-Express the story in a lively manner


Tips for writing

-Everyone WILL NO HAVE PROBELMS coming up with a list of excuses for procrastination.


-If you have work in progress, NEVER stop for the night of you are stuck.

-Always solve the problem and keep going until u are in safer water. A good night’s sleep is important. Sleeping on problem is a myth.

-If you cant get started in a project, start writing anyway. To do this , you need to have some words to type.

-It doesn’t matter what you write, you’ll soon begin to think and move in ur own rhythm/pace.